Applauds Regent's Past Guest Promotion


// (c) 2011 Regent Seven Seas is applauding the campaign recently launched by Regent Seven Seas Cruises to help member agents reconnect with past guests.

“All suppliers target past guests, but Regent Seven Seas Cruises is taking an extra step by proactively pushing consumer sales to the agency on record,” said President John Lovell. “The result will be more closed sales for our members, plus a reinforcement of the relationship between the consumer and their travel advisor.”

The campaign began by informing member agents which of their clients have not sailed with Regent Seven Seas Cruises for more than three years. In early June, a mailer branded with the agency’s name and phone number, will be sent to the past guests promoting a special offer on upcoming cruises.

“This is a perfect opportunity for clients to reacquaint themselves with Regent Seven Seas Cruises,” stated Mark Conroy, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “Guests returning for the first time since 2008 or earlier will find the ships dramatically transformed by $100 million in upgrades, a dining experience that is second to none and value that is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Regent Seven Seas Cruises will provide member agents two months to make the sale directly. If the past guest has not made a booking in that time, a Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ representative will call the past guest, confirm the guest’s relationship with the agency on record, and, if a booking is made, will provide that agency with commission for the sale.

“Regent Seven Seas Cruises could easily contact these past guests on their own and claim the entire cruise fare, but they’ve chosen to respect the travel agency channel and reward our members for the relationships they’ve spent years cultivating,” added Lovell.


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