Conference: $1,000 Incentive with EZguider

Steve Tracas, president and CEO of announced today at the 10th Annual Conference that member agencies will receive a $1,000 first-year booking incentive when they sign on for EZguider, a new and fully integrated, leisure-focused selling system and booking platform. Tracas said the EZguider platform being launched at the four-day conference was a significant advancement for’s 5,000-plus members. Agents will have the ability to research, plan, quote and book comprehensive cruise, tour, insurance and ancillary travel products in an all-inclusive, easy-to-use internet site.

Developed for the exclusive use of members, EZguider will be provided at no additional cost to members. The booking-based incentive as high as $1,000 is being offered in the first 12 months after they begin using EZguider. The platform offers a dedicated booking engine that connects preferred suppliers on one desktop platform.

Air capabilities will be added later this year, Tracas said. EZguider will offer a diversity of suppliers and products previously unavailable in a single travel agent desktop anywhere in North America. "As our industry continues to grow both in complexity and volume, we are driven to develop new tools for our members to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors," Tracas said.

EZguider will also bring more value to’s preferred suppliers, Tracas said. The state-of-the-art platform includes a variety of features such as side-by-side product comparisons, integration with software already in use by member agents including TRAMS, client record management and tracking of bookings. Agents will access EZguider via their AgentNet desktop.

Tracas also said that over 60 percent of membership revenue is now driven by the cruise segment. During the conference, members will be urged to register to use EZguider. Extensive training support will be offered agents throughout the year, Tracas said. The conference includes over 400 learning and networking opportunities, including nearly 200 hours of training in’s extensive marketing and technology programs.

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