Launches Client Labels Program has further enhanced Engagement, its award-winning consumer direct mail and e-mail program, by launching a new member-requested enhancement based on client labels. The latest innovation offers enhanced sorting capabilities that allows superior targeting of clientele through the Engagement program.

This new feature allows members to assign one or more labels to each record on their client list based on how the agent professionally "categorizes" different segments of their client base. The agent can then decide which group or groups receive each Engagement promotion, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the promotion while significantly reducing set-up time.

“Every agency has their own unique way of categorizing their clients, whether its value-oriented purchasers, river cruisers, remote beach seekers, jazz enthusiasts, spring break-only travelers or whatever,” said Jim Nathan,’s director of marketing. “Through client labels, agents can leverage that individual information to their advantage, which, when used with Engagement’s advanced targeting schema, better matches the promotion with the traveler."

The Engagement program turns exclusive offers from Preferred Suppliers into professionally-designed consumer direct mail and email promotions with the member agency as the sole call to action. employs advanced psychographic information to group travelers into one of 30 naturally-occurring clusters called Cohorts, sending promotions only to those clusters that are most likely to respond to that particular offer.

“The more you know about a client, the easier it is to match them with the perfect offer. Cohort segmentation and our new client labeling work together to achieve the greatest level of client understanding, which enables our members to achieve incredible results from Engagement promotions,” added Nathan.

Available free to all member agencies, Engagement witnessed dozens of program enhancements in 2009, including the innovative use of Digital Variable Printing, personalized URLs (PURLs), and the opportunity for each agency to acquire new customers from a rich database of travel-interested consumer prospects for free. members can visit AgentNet to assign client labels to their Engagement lists or to enroll in the program. All other agents should visit for more information on all the valuable benefits offers.