Reports 8,000 Agents Trained

Through in-person events, as well as live and on-demand webinars, has reached nearly 8,000 participants year-to-date in its training program, the consortia reports. offers roughly a dozen webinars per month and has approximately 15 hours of on-demand training available.The groups training programs are all provided at no cost to member agencies, notes.

“Our training team is dedicated to continuing to offer the most relevant and beneficial opportunities possible to our members in order to help them bring in more business,” said president John Lovell.

“We are committed to ensuring that our members have access to all the tools and programs they need in order to be successful. Additionally, we pride ourselves on sharing effective sales techniques with our members to teach them how to ‘sell up’ in order to increase revenues – especially in the luxury segment,” Lovell said.

In the second half of the year, is offering its second round of social media boot camps, the group says. Launched in February, the boot camps are designed to educate both tech-savvy members already engaged in social media, as well as members just beginning to understand how social media can enhance their business, says.

Fall regional training events scheduled across the United States will  include a members-only training session, mini-trade show and reception, dinner and supplier presentation, as well as company updates, training, and networking, says.
Fall regionals will be held in Denver, CO (September 20), Orlando, FL (October 11), and Saddle Brook, NJ (October 18). Two similar mixer events will feature a reception and dinner as well as company updates and supplier presentations. The mixers will be held in Atlanta, GA (September 13), and Dallas, TX (September 25).

Members will learn  how to increase efficiency and profits with tools such as Agent Universe, AirPRO, In-Sites, GoSiteSee, and Stream.

Among the most highly attended workshops so far in 2012 are’s social media boot camps, Agent Universe trainings, and member orientations, the group says. reports it has hosted various additional classes on additional tools and products available to members and has held a variety of  supplier training sessions. 

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