Reports on Regional Sales Events reports solid member interest in its spring regionals held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (March 14), Chicago, IL (March 20), and a similar mixer event held on Long Island, NY (March 22). More than 100 members attended both the Ft. Lauderdale and Chicago events and over 50  attended the Long Island mixer.

The evening events included a mini-trade show, reception and dinner, supplier sessions, company updates, training, and networking.
“The regionals offer our members an opportunity to meet face-to-face with their Account Development Managers and other leadership, in order to maximize their profit-making potential,” said President John Lovell.

“They’re able to learn from us and from each other. Many members take what they’ve learned right back to their businesses the next day. In fact, we’ve already seen a spike in In-Sites registrations and Stream bookings as a result of our regionals,” Lovell said.
In-Sites are’s mini-sites embedded into member agencies’ existing website to help showcase their expertise. Stream is’s  hotel booking tool that offers guaranteed 12 percent commissions on every gross booking (before taxes).
 Members were trained on how to brand themselves as a travel agent professional and how to make being a travel agent fun again, said. also said that its 14th Annual International Conference is sold out - a factor that underscores the value of the seminars as an alternative  for members unable to attend the upcoming May Conference.