's “Agent Universe” Web Portal Now Online reports its exclusive new member Web portal is now available at for its members to utilize., announced “Agent Universe” in May during its 14th International Conference & Trade Show onboard Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas.

The new online portal offers members a more robust website to quickly access exclusive programs, booking tools and supplier information to maximize their profits, says. began training agents and agency owners on Agent Universe in June and migration to the new portal has gone smoothly for members, says. Additional training classes are scheduled for each week in July and more training sessions will be added as necessary.

The live training webinars are also being recorded so members will have convenient access to them 24-hours a day, seven days a week. There are also user guides and quick tips for Agent Universe usage available right from the homepage.
“During our International Conference, we promised our members that Agent Universe would be available to them shortly, and we delivered on that – which is extremely important. Now our goal is to make certain that every agent feels completely comfortable with the new system. That’s why we are spending a considerable amount of time on training and support,” said President John Lovell.

“Once our members understand how much easier this portal is to use, compared to our old one, they will be much more efficient in accessing and leveraging’s marketing tools to promote their businesses, and achieve greater productivity and sales,” Lovell said.
Agent Universe includes unique features such as: customizable quick links, a calendar of events and promotions, global site search functionality, news alerts, and a live chat function, along with direct links to suppliers, programs, and trainings.

The new portal also includes: a members’ only community on Facebook; more robust reporting of an agency’s supplier sales; administration controls for the agency owner/manager to manage their users; archived promotions; and more comprehensive, intuitive navigation menus on interior pages. All of this is wrapped by the site’s new, contemporary look and feel, says.

“The transition into Agent Universe was very easy for me and my agents. We found the navigation very intuitive and it was easy to find the program information,” said member John Krieger, President, Cruise & Tour Center in Dallas, TX. “Our booking engines were immediately accessible and the calendar feature highlights the events and promotions from that we need to focus on for the week. What an improvement!”

In addition to the Agent Universe training seminars, reports it will provide nearly a dozen other training workshops available throughout the month of July including: an Introduction to Engagement; Cruise Space and Email Marketing; Using AirPro Canada; Enhancing Your Agency’s Website with In-Sites; and U.S. and Canadian Supplier Training. is also offering three member orientation courses in July on booking tools, marketing tools, and an overview of’s resources. members can access a calendar of all upcoming training opportunities in Agent Universe under the “Training and Events” tab –’s one-stop-shop for webinars, tools, and resources to help members enhance their industry knowledge and assist in the day-to-day operations of their businesses.

“We are proud to continually offer exceptional training programs and we are committed to ensuring that our members have the increased knowledge they need to be successful business owners and competitive travel agents,” Lovell added.

“Education and training has to be an ongoing part of the equation and, at, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide as many opportunities as possible for our members to learn about our programs and tools – as well as supplier products – in order to help drive more business through their doors,” Lovell said.


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