VAX Redesigns VAX Virtual University


(c) 2011 VAX

Travel agents who attended Summer School with VAX VacationAccess discovered the many improvements to the VAX VacationAccess Virtual University Campus (VVU), VAX reports. VAX also reports a 62 percent increase in site traffic and growth in the number of  new registered users.

VVU courses are designed to educate travel agents at all experience levels to research, market and sell vacations more
efficiently and profitably. VAX provides agents with high quality learning resources to enhance their knowledge and career development.

The newly redesigned VAX Virtual University has three learning paths for agents to choose from:  Core Curriculum, designed for agents who are new to VAX VacationAccess; Electives, for all agents interested in supplier-sponsored product and destination information; and Masters-level courses for accomplished VAX users who want to learn efficiencies and grow their sales.

“The training team is dedicated to educating travel agents on the value of the VAX Supplier Showcases as a resource to increase productivity, earn more revenue and attract and retain customers,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, President of VAX VacationAccess. "They continue to provide new and innovative learning strategies for travel agents to increase their knowledge, expertise and value to their customers.”

Recently VAX reports it held two treasure hunts co-sponsored by suppliers to add fun to learning. Travel agents explored the VAX website to find ‘clues’ and complete tasks to qualify for prizes. Along the way, agents gained knowledge of the suppliers’ products and services while discovering ways to use VAX.

Over 600 agents participated in the first two treasure hunts. The agents loved the concept and sent VAX comments like this one from the Palladium Resorts prize winner, Amy Simoneaux: “I was not familiar with the Palladium concept and learned a lot.  I will now be able to better sell it.“ 

VAX Vacation Access has seen a 62 percent increase in site traffic and has nearly doubled the number of new registered users compared to the same time last year. VAX attributes much of this success to the agents who are loyal to VAX and share their perspectives with peers and colleagues.

VAX is designed exclusively for travel agents and continually seeks to improve through surveys, and agent feedback collected at:  [email protected], VAX says.
VAX VacationAccess is an advocate for the agency community and works with vacation suppliers, cruise lines, destinations, hotels and other suppliers who share the same commitment, VAX says.