Vegas Second in Top 5 Most Visited Destinations From Sojern

upward trendSojern, the world’s leading data-driven traveler engagement platform, has released the top U.S. consumer travel trends from the first quarter of the year (Q1). The trends are based on the analysis of more than 400 million traveler intent data points, obtained through Sojern’s partnerships with leading travel companies. Some of the trends include most visited destinations, most desired/searched for destinations, average duration of stay, average size of travel party and more.

First quarter travel trends show that the top five most desired or searched travel destinations are New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando. Regardless of what people search or where they want to go, the overall five most popular destinations visited during the first quarter of the year were New York City, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

Florida was found to be the most popular family travel destination, with Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale both among the top ten travel destinations for groups of two or more. Interestingly enough, however, trends indicate that most consumers traveled alone or booked airline tickets separately. Sojern also found that more males (58.46 percent) are traveling than females.

When booking airline tickets, most travelers book more than 30 days in advance. Additionally, almost 95 percent of travelers flew coach in Q1. For those who flew first class (just under 5 percent), the most popular travel destinations were Seattle, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Business travel is on the steady rise, with 56.8 percent of travel for business purposes in Q1. Atlanta topped the list of most popular business travel destinations, followed closely by Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Seattle and NYC. The first quarter of the year saw more short-length travel (five days or less) than usual. This could be due to the overall increase in business-related travel.