Week in Review – March 29, 2013

coney islandTravel Agent kicked off the week with a look at what’s hot in hotels – specifically our annual list of the top hotel openings of 2012. If you’re ever stuck for a new property to recommend to a client, this is where to look.

The rest of the week seemed mired in airline controversies. Monday started with worries over the sequester’s effect on the FAA and travel delays, and when the Senate passed a budget resolution doubling the TSA passenger security tax, it dredged up many of the old controversies the organization has faced as it strives to cut wait times and keep pace with a changing global economy.

As if air travelers already didn’t have enough to worry about, this week also saw one economist calling for a “fat tax” on overweight passengers. Meanwhile, the merger between American Airlines and US Airways moved a step closer to completion, raising questions about what a U.S. airline industry with only three network carriers would look like.

This week wasn’t all bad news, however. New York’s travel scene started to show more signs of life as the Coney Island area, which had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy, began gearing up for the summer travel season with rebuilt rides and attractions. Rides on the boardwalk, including the famous Cyclone, received their annual blessing in a ceremony attended by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. The nearby New York Aquarium is also slated to reopen later this spring. While not all exhibits will be fully restored, travelers will still be able to see the aquariums famous collection of walruses, angelfish, otters and more, including the aquarium’s new orphaned walrus calf, Mitik.

Speaking of summer, there’s nothing like a pool party to look forward to during the warm season. If any of your clients are headed to Las Vegas, here’s a list of top pool parties to expect this summer.

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