Why Use A Travel Agent?

Whether it's the ongoing economic downturn or the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, among other unsettling scenarios, suppliers and experts throughout the travel profession are doing all they can to keep the industry pumping. With summer vacation season now underway, CNN recently took a look at how consumers can take advantage of the current situation in order to find the best travel deals. And wouldn't you know, they contacted our very own Ruthanne Terrero.

The article reads:
Navigating the deals and best steals can be overwhelming, which is why turning to a travel agent for help can make a difference. A travel agent, for example, can sift through all the options, often secure different packages and can help prospective travelers figure out what destination is best for them.

"If you go to a professional, they can tell you what the traditional prices are ... and give you some good old-fashioned advice," said Ruthanne Terrero, a vice president in charge of content at The Travel Group
, which puts out publications and websites for travel professionals.

Hopefully, the folks at CNN took the time to read Terrero's column, Top 10 Reasons to Use A Travel Agent

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