Win for ASTA Agents: Minnesota Passes Insurance Bill

ASTA's strong Chapter network and membership won a victory as ASTA praised its Minnesota members for their grassroots efforts to  get passage of a Travel Insurance Bill. The bill will shift the licensing burden for the sale of travel insurance from travel agents to limited lines travel insurance producers.

ASTA also commended the Minnesota Legislature for its unanimous passage of the legislation that eliminates an excessive burden on travel agents. ASTA said the move helps Minnesota’s travel agencies and offers greater transparency and protection for consumers.
“Passage of this bill is a win-win-win for travel agents, travel insurance providers and consumers alike,” said ASTA CEO Tony Gonchar. “It provides a workable solution to unnecessary licensing problems and inconsistencies that make it difficult for travel agencies, especially those that are small businesses, to conduct business. Now, thanks to efforts of ASTA’s Minnesota members, consumers will be given the protection they deserve and travel agents will be able to go back to doing what they do best—selling travel."
“The U.S. Travel Insurance Association was instrumental in seeing this bill through. Its passage is due in no small part to their efforts, and we thank them for their support and assistance,” added Gonchar.
ASTA said it worked closely with Upper Midwest Chapter President Gloria Stock Mickelson and the U.S. Travel Insurance Association, which spearheaded this initiative, to rally support from Minnesota travel agencies, supplying them with a variety of tools to assist them in making their voices heard by state representatives.

With its passage, Minnesota’s insurance commissioner now has the ability to follow the new standards approved by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that will eliminate the travel insurance licensing burden on travel agents in Minnesota.

This, ASTA said, saves travel agents money and leads the way for more states to adopt the new standard.

Visit or contact John Pittman, vice president of industry affairs, at [email protected].

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