YTB Reports Increase in Active Business/Store Owners

YTB International reports it has experienced a 15 percent increase in the number of active business/store owners in August 2010. The increase follows a number of recent announcements made at YTB’s National Convention held in St. Louis from August 18 – 22, including adding new nutritional and identity theft products.

YTB said its e-commerce website, available through the company's subsidiary ZamZuu, Inc. ("ZamZuu"), will now be distributed to the public through brokers who obtain a license with ZamZuu. The cost to obtain this license is a $49.95 set-up fee and a monthly fee of $49.95.

The individual who purchases this license will be able to give away a ZamZuu e-commerce business to others for free, YTB reports. These free agent shoppers will actually be able to receive 30 percent of the commissions from purchases made on their free e-commerce store. The ZamZuu Broker will match the free agent earnings.

YTB also announced the launch of a new line of nutritional products that customers can buy and receive on a monthly basis. These products focus on providing the daily vitamin requirements for adults and include an "energy boost" supplement.

Additionally, YTB reports it has rolled out a new identity theft recovery product called the Entrust America ID Recovery Plan. In the event of an identity theft, the covered member is assigned a certified recovery specialist who performs all the recovery and restoration work on behalf of the victim. YTB says most other plans in the market today merely offer assistance and expense reimbursement, and the victims are forced to do their own recovery.

J. Kim Sorensen, who serves on YTB’s Board of Directors and holds the position of Vice Chairman, Corporate Secretary and Corporate Treasurer, has filed a Form 4 Statement of Change of Beneficial Ownership of Securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting a transfer of common stock on September 9, 2010. Sorensen transferred 4,087,437 shares to a Limited Family Partnership for estate planning purposes and maintains beneficial ownership of these shares. The transaction was reported to the SEC.



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