Security Study Deems Puerto Vallarta Safe for Tourists

As questions about Mexico's safety for tourists continue to circulate, Puerto Vallarta has hired a security assessment by the College Station Texas Police Department to determine the safety of the destination. The study was conducted in July 2014.

Overall, the researches found that Puerto Vallarta provides its visitors, locals and expat populations a safe setting where people feel comfortable walking around town without perceived fear. The investigation was conducted using a combination of personal interaction and interviews. They conducted formal and informal interviews with members of the different police departments based in the destination, including the tourism police, municipal police, transit police and the Federal police. They also spoke with members of the tourism industry, hotel industry, local media and more. 

It should be noted that the study reports that "if one is looking for trouble, it can be found, but if one stays away from locations such as these, then they should not impact a visitor's experience."