Shape-Shifters and Vamps and Wolves Oh My!


HBO's True Blood has fans flocking to Shreveport, LA

As October begins, the autumnal wind begins to howl through the trees, heralding colder weather, Halloween, and, of course, all those delightfully creepy stories of things going bump in the night.

HBO’s smash hit, True Blood, has surfaced a newfound fascination with all things supernatural, adding a dash of sex to something typically just scary. While the state of Louisiana is no stranger to the paranormal, renowned for its long history of voodoo and hauntings, Louisiana has seen a resurgence of tourism due to the sultry sinners of "True Blood," particularly in Shreveport where many of the show’s scenes have been filmed.

Typically, potential travelers would contact a travel agent to pursue a vacation, tour or particular package, leaving much of the planning to professionals to ensure an ideal foray into a foreign land. Things are going a little differently in Shreveport, LA however, with curious callers reaching out to Arlena Acree, director of media and entertainment for the town —someone a little more in the proverbial know.

“While I’ve had calls from around the country because [viewers] like a particular location of a show, the calls about 'True Blood' locations are by far the most I’ve gotten,” Acree said.

Interest has been so high to see where the stars have battled and been bitten, "True Blood" was added to Shreveport’s Film Trail, a self-directed tour of all the location shots. Shreveport has served as the spot for a host of scenes for "True Blood" from Lucky’s Lounge and the towering Victorian-style home in the opening credits, to the location of fictional Fangtasia, the vampire bar run by Nordic looker, Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård. Perhaps the most sought-after spot however is the location of the “vampire nest” in the now infamous episode “Burning House of Love," where Bill’s blood sucking cronies burned to a crisp. The set-to-be-demolished home was offered up as an ideal location to be set alaze and is featured prominently on the tour.

Acree explained that, because of Shreveport’s diverse topography, it is a hotbed for Hollywood production.“We have all kinds of looks from tall pine trees and swamps to beautiful farmland,” said Acree. “That’s the reason that production companies love this area." 

The "Vampire Nest" burned for True Blood - one of 21 stops on the Shreveport Film Trail Tour

If you would like more information about the tour or if you are an agent with additional vampire vitals, contact Arlena Acree at [email protected].