Signature Kicks Off Sales Meeting in Las Vegas

Signature reported the positive launch of its new member recruitment campaign at its Annual Sales Meeting and Trade Show today. The program launched on in the United States and Canada in October 2012 with the initial campaign running through early 2013. Headed by Vice President of National Sales, Sonia Athan, and Chief Operating Officer, Alex Sharpe, the campaign focuses on the recruitment of independent contractors to participating member agencies.

Independent Contractors Recruitment:  

“Signature’s exciting new recruiting effort is centered around adding independent contractors to our network,” said Sonia Athan. “A robust electronic media campaign is in place to recruit independent contractors on behalf of our participating members with a plan to add upwards of $100M in preferred supplier revenue to the network.”

Athan continues, “Signature’s independent contractor recruitment parallels Signature’s ongoing member recruitment. We are looking for IC’s who will not only be a good fit, but will have a high level of integration. Signature’s customizable print and electronic marketing and highly sophisticated technology tools allow new IC’s to seamlessly join the network while leveraging their own brand. Early results have been positive, with a selection of talented IC’s matched with existing Signature member agencies to date.” 

Member Recruitment

Signature continues to recruit new member agencies as well. The campaign focuses on engaged agencies that will have a strong commitment to supporting Signature’s preferred suppliers and will utilize Signature’s industry leading technology and marketing tools to effectively grow their business.

“Each week, Signature starts a conversation with a new prospective agency,” explains Sonia Athan. “We go through an extensive business review to determine if Signature is right for the agency and vice versa. Our goal isn’t simply to grow through sheer quantity, but rather build our membership with quality ‘right fit’ agencies. What we’ve found is a smaller group of new members that bring great value to the overall network. The Signature recruiting mantra is: Bigger isn’t better. Better is better.”

Alex Sharpe explains, “With just 214 members highly engaged with the network’s CRM tools, we have a unique ability to deliver for our members, and them for our preferred suppliers. The key is engagement – people come for the tools, then reap all of the other rewards that come with being part of a member owned cooperative.”


Signature will continue the first phase of the recruitment program through early 2013. For more information, visit