Brazil Launches eVisa Platform for American Travelers

Brazil has officially launched the platform through which citizens of the United States, Canada and Australia can obtain their electronic visa (eVisa) to enter the country. Travelers from these countries will need the visa to enter Brazil by air starting January 10, 2024.

The electronic visa will allow multiple entries and will have the same validity period as conventional visas. For Americans, this means a validity of 10 years (five years each for Canadians and Australians).

Travelers will have to input their personal information and confirmation of a flight reservation and pay a fee of $80 to secure the visa—all of which is done online. Once approved, a PDF file containing your eVisa will be emailed to you. Download and print this eVisa for presentation during boarding and upon landing in Brazil. Tip: The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends keeping a copy of the eVisa file on your cellphone. It also recommends registering for a visa if you’re traveling within a few days prior to January 10 in the event that your flight or other travels are delayed.

Brazil first announced the reintroduction of its visa requirement in March with the goal of having the program in operation by October. In September, however, it was delayed until January 2024. The move to suspend visa requirements took place in 2019 by then-president Jair Bolsonaro in order to facilitate tourism. Coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic and also reportedly weakening Brazil's ability to negotiate with those countries that still required a visa for Brazilian travelers, the lifting of the visa requirement did not fulfill its intentions.

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