2020 Eye on Tour Operators

Destination immersion continues to be on trend for 2019, as the tour operators we surveyed said they are focusing more intensely on their product offerings to give the client an in-depth experience on the ground. Several have added land experts to provide even more up-close encounters with locals; nearly all said they’re making it easier for travelers to customize their vacations as the demand for personalization shows no sign of abating. Taking travelers off the beaten path has made for many creative itineraries for 2019 and 2020.

Rwanda, Singapore, Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador and Ethiopia are just some of the new locales added on to programs; we also found that sustainability has taken center stage for many of the companies that are featured on the following pages. Leaving a lighter footprint in destinations has become a core tenet for the travel industry.

As for the travel advisor? Executives say they’re adding on new technology tools and educational experiences to ensure agents are increasing their expertise in their products.

As ever, the travel professional remains the key conduit for these major companies to reach the savvy consumer.

We'll be spotlighting one tour operator each day over the next couple of weeks. Click through the links below to learn more.