Travel Agent's 13th Annual 30Under30

2020 30Under30

We’re proud to present the Class of 2020, the rising stars in the travel advisor community. This year’s group is all the more special for getting through months upon months of a pandemic and an abrupt stoppage of travel worldwide. However, it seems from all accounts, that they haven’t lost their enthusiasm for their chosen careers. If anything, they’ve taken this very challenging environment to sharpen their skills, expand their client reach and learn much more about the world and about the suppliers who can serve their clients best. 

This is our 13th year of selecting our 30Under30, which means we’ve recognized nearly 400 rising stars; many have become successful business owners and iconic travel advisors during their tenure in the business. Year after year, this feature has consistently created a buzz in the industry and also helped fuel a community of young professionals who enjoy being a part of a most innovative niche in the travel business. 

Here they are — Travel Agent’s top 30Under30 for 2020.