Stat: 67 Percent Say Social Sharing Influences Travel

Social media continues to have a big impact on the purchasing decisions of potential travelers. In a recent survey by programmatic ad buying platform RadiumOne, 67 percent reported that digital media and social sharing influence where they travel. 




Other key findings include:

  • 35 percent have apps on their phones for travel/rewards programs
  • 53 percent share travel information such as where they are going, what airline they are taking and photos of the trip on social media
  • 73 percent of travelers get ideas from social media, including destination ideas (42%), hotel ideas (39%) and travel offers (21%)
  • Though consumers are sharing material on social channels, there is still substantial content being distributed via “dark social” avenues (text, email, etc.) that brands need to consider when collecting data and information

The survey included more than 1,300 people (median age 26) from across the United States and was conducted in October 2014. 

Source: RadiumOne