Stat: Hotel Fees to Top $2.47 Billion in 2015

Following a record $2.35 billion in 2014, a new report by the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYSCPS) forecasts that fees will rise again to $2.47 billion in 2015.


NYSCPS said the forecast increase for 2015 reflects a combination of approximately 3.0 percent more occupied hotel rooms than in 2014, more charging of fees and surcharges, and higher amounts charged, for a total increase of approximately 5 percent. 

Hotel fees and surcharges have increased every year except brief periods following 2001 and 2008 that saw a decline in lodging demand. 

The above amounts are estimated based on selected interviews with industry executives and corporate travel executives, analysis of industry financial data, press releases, and information available on hotel and brand websites, NYSCPS said. 

Source: NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies