Tauck Offers New Agent Rewards Program

Want to see more of the world in order to sell it better? Tauck is inviting agents on the company’s land tours, cruises and special events (and encouraging them to sell more tours, of course) with a new agent incentive program.  

Launching on March 31, Tauck’s new “Agent Rewards” program awards booking agents with credits they can apply toward the price of their own Tauck land journeys, cruises and special events. 
For every client booked with Tauck, agents registered in the program will receive a $200 credit toward a Tauck journey. Agents can accrue up to $12,000 in credits in a given year, which they can redeem themselves or divide between themselves and companions traveling with them on the same Tauck departure. 
Steve Spivak, Tauck’s vice president of sales, said that the new program replaces an earlier discount program. “In the past, we encouraged all agents to experience our products by offering the same flat percentage off our tour and cruise prices,” Spivak said in a statement. The new program, he added, is a "vast improvement" as it delivers more rewards to the agents who earn them. “In other words, those agents doing the best job selling Tauck on the front lines. What’s more, the new program provides agents with far greater potential cost-savings on our trips than the earlier flat percentage system ever did.”
Besides the obvious benefits to agents, the new program will also pay strong dividends for Tauck, noted Spivak. “Agent Rewards will certainly encourage agents to sell more Tauck, but equally important, it will help more agents to travel with Tauck. We’ve found over and over again that agents who have traveled with us...are far better at selling Tauck to their clients.” 
Agents interested in registering for the Agent Rewards program, or those wanting to learn more, can go to www.tauck.com/agentrewards