Top 10 Places to Sleep with a Ghost


Do you remember those ghost stories that your older brother used to tell you late at night, jumping at just the right moment to make you go running to mom?  Looking back on them they are silly, because ghosts aren’t real.  

Right.  Right?  

Well, not according to a recent survey by in which nearly 20 percent of the inns (about 3600) in the United States claim to be haunted.  Skeptics may shrug and roll their eyes, but just tell them to try staying a night in one of these 10 places plagued by poltergeists.

That is, if they dare!

Gate House Inn, Jackson, CA:  Apparently some ghosts love fresh air and sunshine because the “Garden Ghost” never sets foot inside the mansion, instead preferring to stroll around the lawn.

Kehoe House B&B, Savannah, GA:  There have been many nocturnal reports of children’s voices echoing through the halls here, and more than one sighting of ghostly figures running through the rooms.  Rumor has it that this B&B is haunted by the ghosts of twin Kehoe children who died while playing in one of the house’s fireplaces.

Old Bridge Inn, Jeffersonville, IN:  Keep a sharp eye out if you stay at this inn and watch for falling objects.  Guests have reported seeing flying teacups, candles that are raised up on their own, and even a cane that twirled itself around.

Deerfield Inn, Deerfield, MA:  Flashing lights, knocks on doors when no one is around, moving books, and more, this Inn has all the classic signs of a good ol’ fashioned haunting.

Coach Stop Inn, Bar Harbor, ME:  Some people would just die to make it in the music biz, and apparently this spirited performer hasn’t given up.  This tavern is home to Abbe, who loves to fill the rooms with her ghostly songs.

Bingham Hall B&B, New Ulm, MN:  Ever feel like someone is watching you?  Maybe they are.  Guests at this inn have turned around to find an invisible man named “Jake” peering over their shoulder.

Ghost Rails Inn, Alberton, MT:  There better be a ghost here with a name like that!  Innkeeper's claim that a phantom brakeman from the old railroads enjoys eternal job security at this location.

Carambola Inn B&B, Fuquay-Varina, NC:  This ghost has a nose for trouble, with guests reporting the smell of perfume before something goes wrong.

Mary-Penn B&B, Gettysburg, PA:  Not all spirits are bad and guests at this inn have reported meeting cordial spirits.

By The Side of The Road Bed and Breakfast, Harrisonburg, VA:  Don’t go walking alone her because solo guests have felt the unwelcome touch of an invisible icy hand grabbing them.