Top 25 All Stars: Bob Romano

Bob RomanoYour Travel Center

Tempe, AZ

Bob Romano, a specialist in river cruises and FITs to Europe and Africa, has a large client base that’s been loyal to him for more than 25 years.

“Not only has he booked generations of family travel for them, but he is considered a part of those families,” says Robin Sanchez, COO of Your Travel Center, a Travel Leaders Agency. A strong testament to this “All Star’s” attention to detail was a trip he planned for a multigenerational family of 22 people lasting two weeks, with different family members arriving and departing from different cities before being absorbed into the trip’s core itinerary.

Because of the trip’s complexity, Romano, whose sales reap $1.2 million a year, booked the hotel and air flights himself, and chartered a private motorcoach for transportation and sightseeing.

“What was so great was the freedom for the different age groups to get the most out of the trip while still having meals and hotel arrangements as a family,” Romano says. “Everyone had a great time.”

Romano is president of the Forest Service Volunteer Association, where he works in the area of wilderness preservation. He is also a volunteer coordinator for the Tahquitz Peak Fire Lookout in the San Bernardino National Forest, for which he was awarded a chief’s award by the United States Forest Service.

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