Top 25 All Stars: Patrick Mack

Patrick Mack


Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Mack’s first industry job was in the mailroom at Brendan Tours as a teenager during the summer while his mother was the company’s sales representative for Southern California. Later, he became the first employee of his mother’s boutique travel agency, where he handled a variety of entertainment industry, corporate and local leisure business. At All-Travel, he has found a niche as a luxury cruise specialist, garnering nearly $1.5 million a year in sales.

“Patrick’s ability to tailor trips for his clients comes from his natural curiosity in what they find interesting and, with his easy going sense of humor, he relates well with people to find common interests and to engage his clients in the excitement of their coming adventure,” says agency President Eric Maryanov.

Mack’s “masterpiece” itinerary involved sending long-time clients on their dream trip to Italy for a month and a half. While they were on the plane to Rome, Pope John Paul II passed away.

“The couple, who were Catholic, not only saw the city of Rome operate like clockwork during a historic moment, but literally got to rub elbows with heads of state and prominent figures in broadcasting during their free time,” Mack says. “They also participated in all the public events surrounding the funeral.” While he admittedly had little hand in the events that transpired, he is happy to report that the couple had “an unforgettable experience that is practically impossible to duplicate.”

When not working in travel, Mack, who has been a travel advisor for 26 years, indulges in his passion as a trained opera singer; for the past 10 years he has sung with The Verdi Chorus in Santa Monica.

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