AAA's Five Tips for Planning Trips


AAA is reminding consumers to take time to travel, and offering advice on who to make a desired vacation come true. The Association is touting the following five trips when planning a trip:

1. Conceptualize your vacation
2. Research costs and financing
3. Develop a daily vacation plan
4. Equip yourself for the journey
5. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally

Researching costs and financing is an essential step, according to AAA, and considering all-inclusive cruises and resorts and other forms of package travel remains valid value options, as well as using rewards points for airfares, car rentals or hotel rooms. AAA also advises travelers that getting the best value for their travel dollar should be more important than getting the cheapest deal.

To further aid potential vacationers, the Association launched a Virtual Travel Show to highlight once-in-a-lifetime trips and information. Consumers can go online to learn more about dream vacations during AAA’s Virtual Travel Show at During the show, participants can interact with travel experts and fellow travel enthusiasts, see live webcasts, learn about the latest trends in travel, traveling tips and travel requirements, and explore dream vacation options. Show times are anytime between 6 p.m. and Midnight (ET).

“The world’s most fabulous locations and experiences are far more accessible and affordable today than ever before, and in today’s economy many are true bargains,” said Betsy Sell, managing director, AAA Travel Services. “What has not changed is the need to work with a travel professional to select the right destination and discuss the important trip details that create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”


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