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What destinations do you recommend for older travelers?


"I feel older clients do well on cruises," Cindy Oxendine of Mann Travel & Cruises in Matthews, NC, says. "On a cruise they have places to eat and short excursions. I had a group of 86-year-old ladies leave on a cruise through New England this past week. They wanted to be taken care of."


"With older clients, we recommend a French barge or river cruise," says Toni Barnett, the manager of James Travelpoints in Boulder, CO. "A very nice option is a Spain/Portugal river cruise offered by Amadeus Waterways. There is also a cruise from Prague to Budapest and vice versa. These cruises stop at walkable cities, and even if clients can't really walk, there is beautiful scenery."


"For older travelers who are physically disabled, instead of taking a bus tour or having to get on and off of a plane, there is a 15-day Hawaii cruise that starts in San Diego and ends in Los Angeles," says Shirley Olmstead of Brea Travel in Brea, CA. "The cruise visits all of the islands."