Agents Say More Women Traveling to Play Golf

An American Express study released on Wednesday revealed new trends in "girls getaways," including more active and more luxurious trips. According to a poll of 246 American Express travel agents, women traveling together are seeking more active and luxurious vacations. Travel Agent was particularly interested that 36 percent of all agents polled said women traveling and looking for activity were choosing golf. Some American Express agents we spoke to confirmed the study. Terri Mucklow of American Express Platinum Tours and Cruises in Miami says many women have learned to play golf because they felt it was great way to network with potential business clients. And while they learned, "they caught the bug," she says. "There are women who will travel in groups of 10 to 12 just to play golf," she says. According to a companion consumer survey of 470 women, when traveling with female friends or family members, women say they do so guilt- and worry-free (92 percent and 73 percent of those polled, respectively). "You have a lot of women Baby Boomers, usually women around 60 years old, who are traveling for a reunion of some sorts with a group of other women and are looking to do something more active," says Audrey Hulsey of Pegasus Travel, an American Express agency in Omaha, NE. "Golf is the right fit for them. A lot of ladies enjoy playing the sport and will travel to play at various golf courses. I don't think this should be uncovering anything for agents as they should know this already, but if they haven't already looked at women as potential clients for golf vacations, they should start soon."

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