ARC Adds Commission Recovery and Reporting

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) announced a new Corporate Reservation Service Provider (CRSP) resource, available through eCommission Solutions, LLC (ECS). The service will be available to both agencies and CTDs for client-specific transaction and revenue tracking, ARC says.

eCommission Solutions, LLC, is a fully integrated service provider in commission consolidation, segment capture, reconciliation, tracking, dunning, recovery and reporting. The company has proprietary technology that captures the unique ARC CRSP number in each of multiple segments within a transaction.

“ARC’s new CRSP participation allows corporations clearer visibility of their bookings with all suppliers who look to ARC identification tracking of volume and commissions," said Mike Premo, vice president of ARC marketing, sales and customer care. "Suppliers and buyers alike appreciate the ease of use of an ARC number for these purposes."

The CRSP identifier, initially available to corporations in order to provide ticket fulfillment service, can also provide segment data visibility. CRSP-identified segment data can be utilized for a deeper, more tangible audit trail on hotel, car, insurance, international phone units and other accountable, commissionable transactions.

Almost unilaterally, travel management reports and reconciliation reports are generated from a CTD or TMC’s back office accounting system. With ARC’s CRSP program and ECS’ proprietary SNAP SHOT technology, the combined resources offer a new dimension in data quality and client-specific tracking and reconciliation, ARC says. Visit or

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