Audley Travel Announces Launch of Cuba Tours to U.S. Market

Audley Travel's new Cuba tours to the U.S. market will include a stop in Santiago de Cuba. // Photo by Robert paul Van beets/Hemera/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

While Audley Travel has operated trips to Cuba from its United Kingdom office for the last five years, it recently launched Cuba tours to the United States market for the first time.

According to an Audley Travel news release, the company feels the five years experience of selling Cuba tours "means they have had years to vet local guides, taste the best bites, and uncover the most unique experiences that other companies are just beginning to scratch the surface on."

Because Cuba’s hotel options are limited compared to other countries, Audley has selected a portfolio of private family houses – or casas particulares – allowing guests an exclusive insider view of Cuba. As a guest in a local's home, a client can enjoy a home cooked meal while being treated like family in this personal setting.

Each client will be paired with a "chauffeur-guide" for the length of their trip. This guide will serve as an ambassador to Cuba’s dynamic culture. For lovers of experiential travel, Audley can provide off-the-beaten path experiences, highlighting the day-to-day life of Cuba’s people.  

Some other experiential offerings Audley can provide include a private performance from an internationally accomplished violinist and a visit to a local hospital to witness Cuba’s famous public health system.

A 10-day, tailor-made tour of Cuba starts from $5,730 per person including a private chauffeur-guide, daily cultural activities, hand selected accommodations with breakfast and daily private tours.

For those wanting to take in the entire island, Audley recommends their 15-day "Cuba Uncovered," which spans both the east and west side of Cuba visiting a selection of highlights. This itinerary starts at $8,995 per person.