Carlson Hotels Worldwide Partners With The CarbonNeutral Company

Carlson Hotels Worldwide is partnering with The CarbonNeutral Company—an environmental organization that offers auditable carbon offset programs and services to reduce the impact of travel on the environment—to offset carbon equal to 10,000 room-nights. Goldpoints plus members can contribute by donating their points for carbon offset. So far, the program has generated sufficient donations to offset 340,436 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. To date, members have donated 706,000 Gold Points to be converted into contributions for carbon-reduction projects. For more information, visit

Additionally, Carlson Hotels Worldwide is involved in an environmental audit pilot program, in which the company is studying the environmental impact generated by its corporate properties. The environmental reviews provide an overview of each property's energy efficiency and consumption, and carbon footprint. These measurements will be reviewed by Carlson Hotels and hotel executives to determine potential improvement opportunities.

The Radisson St. Martin is engaged in several environmental measures, including:

•    An in-house desalinization plant to conserve scarce water resources, making the resort self-sufficient for fresh water. The irrigation system converts to re-use water as such water becomes available.
•    Landscapes were designed to use indigenous plantings including native palms, trees and shrubs. The irrigation design utilizes water-conserving techniques such as low-flow and drip irrigation systems.
•    The hardscape was designed to use native St. Martin stone and boulders for Veneer stone and retaining walls, and cast stone and concrete materials manufactured in St. Martin.
•    Resources were preserved through the renovation strategy in which original buildings and structures were retained to the greatest extent possible.
•    Light-colored surfaces were used for walkways and terraces to reflect heat and light from the property.
•    The resort connects to the adjacent marina, restaurants and retail facilities, eliminating the need for automobiles on site.

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