CAST, COTAL Sign Memorandum on Sustainability of Caribbean Tourism

The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) and Confederación de Organizaciones Turísticas de América Latina (COTAL) have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to the joint support of both institutions for initiatives that promote sustainability of Caribbean tourism industry.

As a first joint project, it provides the potential for an initiative to raise awareness of the use of regulations to apply in visits to areas declared as world heritage or protected and/or national parks and protection standards.

To achieve this goal, operators as well as tour guides in particular will be trained to bring the following home to tourists: the importance of conservation ecology and the need for all of our participation in this process and how to get involved in the preservation of the environment; information to tourists about the evolution that led to the formation of the natural wealth of the visited areas; and information about participation that natural resources have in the environment.

There will also be an awareness campaign to allow man to get closer to nature and to his history and culture, leading to greater awareness of natural wealth and the importance of conservation through educational programs that will enable man to contribute to the care of these products.