Central Holidays Rep Receives French Tourist Office Award

Louis Garnier, Regional Sales Manager for the Central Holidays Travel Group has received the French Government Tourist Office's first "Honorary Achievement Award," specifically created to honor Garnier's significant contributions made in promoting travel and tourism between France and the United States, and to celebrate his more than 60 years in the industry. The award was presented by Jean Philippe Perol, Head of the French Government Tourist Board, at their annual "French Affairs" meeting - held on Sunday, October 25 in New York City. Garnier, who has been promoting France travel since 1974 (over 35 years), received a standing ovation upon receiving this honor.

Louis Garnier is a travel and tourism industry veteran with more than 60 years in the field. Born in Paris in 1920, Garnier earned his  degree from University of Paris School of Law and first came to the U.S. upon his graduation, where he began working with TWA. Over the impressive span of Garnier's career, he has significantly contributed to promoting France tourism throughout the U.S., and has played a key role in developing Central Holidays' travel and tour programs.