Collette 'No Discounting' Policy Supports Travel Agents

Collette Vacations has reaffirmed its No Discounting Policy that has been in effect since 2006, according to president and CEO Daniel Sullivan, Jr. In a company policy directive, Sullivan said that he adamantly stands behind the company’s policy that precludes all travel partners from advertising a discounted savings off the Collette published tour price. This includes advertising an implied discount on a Collette tour in any marketing vehicle (print or online). Collette will also monitor compliance.

“As a show of support for the many, many agencies across this country that have supported Collette, we are reaffirming our stand against discounting,” said Sullivan.  “We realize that many larger agencies are offering booking discounts on escorted tour products - but at Collette we want to do whatever we can to ensure that the playing field remains level for the traditional, local, brick and mortar travel agencies that our travelers so depend upon.”

Collette said it has announced to its agency partners that they cannot offer these types of discounts on any Collette product and stresses its commitment to work with them to provide consistent, timely offers for online and offline promotion.

Sullivan went on to add that Collette will also monitor the situation through Internet search and mystery shopping to ensure each partner is in compliance with the no discounting policy and will immediately notify any agency that is in violation.   




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