Ecuador Bike Rental Debuts New Website

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Ecuador Bike Rental, a tour operator based in Quito, has upgraded its website to a more dynamic, intuitive and easy-to-check-out, full e-commerce for your motorcycle adventure in Ecuador.

The steps to book yourself an experience with Ecuador Bike Rental and have your motorcycle tour adventure out the door are the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your desired tour, whether this is a guided, self-guided or just motorcycle rental and sign in or register to create your account
  3. Select your tour start date, motorcycle model and other accessories they have for you, such as GoPro cameras, tank tops, intercoms and more
  4. Check out with any major credit card on the secure gateway; you will receive an email with the details of your just booked motorcycle tour in Ecuador.

Once your account has been created, your details will be sent to your email to confirm your account creation. From there, the customer will be able to have full access to their itinerary and tour details, including its cancellation in the case is needed. The website also includes a profile page, where you can upload personal details, such as a next of kin and emergency contact numbers. 

What’s new? A system of custom-tailored tours, that allows you to build an experience of your own from the hotel selection, the duration of your trip to the activities on the main towns.

"If you feel comfortable riding on your own and building your whole logistics package, renting a motorcycle is the best way to go. Your budget will be controlled by yourself and you will have full control over your experience. Our guided tours, however, are designed to show you the best Ecuador has to offer you,” says a company spokesperson. “Our guide will take you to the right places to eat, the must-see [places] and some hidden backroad treasures along the way.”

“The self-guided tour has been designed to follow a pre-programmed GPS, with your hotels and everything needed already booked. Our hotels are a premium choice, and most of them are local chains which help to improve your experience overall," he added.

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