EF Go Ahead Tours Expands Partnership With America’s Test Kitchen

EF Go Ahead Tours (GAT), a premier provider of culturally immersive experiences offering more than 175 guided trips to all seven continents, is expanding its partnership with America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), a go-to resource for at-home cooks. The two cultural powerhouses joined forces in 2019 to create a new hands-on, culinary-led travel experience through Italy called "A Food and Wine Adventure through Tuscany and Piedmont with America’s Test Kitchen." Today, the immersive food and wine education-based experience for travelers has expanded with new itineraries in both Spain and Portugal, with dates as early as fall 2023. 

“Portugal Food & Wine: Porto to Lisbon with America’s Test Kitchen”

From the rolling vineyards of the Douro Valley and Porto—famous for its eponymous dessert wine and markets replete with fishmongers, olive growers and produce—travelers will traverse the country taste bud by taste bud. Four cooking classes, a cheesemaking class, four wine tastings and six food tastings are just the start to a truly immersive experience that combines culture with “how-to” prowess once back in the home kitchen. 

“Spain Food & Wine: Barcelona & Northern Spain with America’s Test Kitchen”

Travelers will take a deep dive into Eastern and Northern Spain for a comparative analysis between Catalan and Basque cultures. Savor near perfect growing traditions for all forms of taste bud delight: even temperatures for raising cattle for both meat and cheese, moist rich soil for produce and grapes, and a mix of multiple distinct cultures together. In Barcelona, a walk down the famous La Rambla will lead to shopping and cooking classes amidst Gaudi’s world-famous architecture. In Bilbao and San Sebastian, a different ocean with its own variety of art and food awaits. There is a reason San Sebastian has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in one location among the entire world. Cooking classes, wine and cider tastings with the perfect mix of art and culture prepare both the home cook and entertainer once back stateside.

With a full offering of ATK and EF Go Ahead Tours exclusive trips to Italy, Spain and Portugal, travelers can access an abundance of the world’s finest food and wine travel, deeply rooted in both the history and culture of the country and the cuisine that defines the region.

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