Find Easier Luggage Management for Clients at LTE

With the hassles and expenses travelers face when checking their luggage on any journey, Luggage Forward and Luggage Concierge are reminding agents and professionals about the alternative service they provide. Both companies will be on hand at the Luxury Travel Expo.

Luggage Forward uses innovative technology and a worldwide network of shipping partners to carefully manage and monitor the shipping process to ensure on-time delivery of luggage. The door-to-door service allows passengers to travel with total peace of mind as the company routinely alerts travelers by cell phone or PDA as soon as luggage arrives at its final destination. Travelers can book online or by phone, select a convenient pick-up time and leave the rest to Luggage Forward.  An agent will pick up the bags and send them on their way, no special packaging required.

Luggage Concierge, a partner of Crystal Cruise, has expanded its door-to-door capabilities to 223 individual worldwide locations. The company can now ship to hotels, cruise lines and vacation homes in such regions as Argentina, Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica. Coordinators monitor luggage from pick-up to destination. In addition to reaching the most destinations, Luggage Concierge provides $2,000 insurance per bag.

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