Globus Showcases Changing Faces of Group Tours

The upside of a down economy?  According to the Globus family of brands, it’s that travelers are venturing to different destinations and exploring new means of travel, including enjoying the cost and experiential benefits associated with taking tours. Globus estimates the average tour saves travelers 30 percent versus constructing the same vacation on their own. To make the point, the company is unveiling the changing faces of touring with a series of videos documenting real-life travelers experiencing group tours in Ireland, Italy and South America.
“Today’s tours are for Boomers, GenXers, families, singles, first-time international travelers and experienced globetrotters: Any traveler looking for an enriched travel experience,” said Steve Born, vice president of marketing for the Globus family of brands.  “The average age of our customers is 55 and more than 40 percent of Globus’ travelers are under the age of 50.  They are active, engaged, interesting and well-traveled.  The old stereotypes of who is right for touring simply don’t hold water any more.”
Globus’ tours offer travelers hands-on opportunities and activities such as visiting the homes of locals, discovering quaint galleries, enjoying wine tastings, taking boat or cable car rides or even partaking in cooking classes.
“In addition to the evolution of tour itineraries, the pace has evolved, offering a good balance of scheduled time and time to explore, as well as a balance of time in big cities and charming, out-of-the-way locales,” said Born.  “We have more than 50 vacations that are a week or less.  There’s amazing variety and this variety as well as the value packaged vacations afford travelers has helped change the face of who’s touring. “
Dedicated to a “show don’t tell” philosophy, Globus offered one family (Pete, Patsy & Jordan), two sisters (Meghan & Kate) and one couple (Tricia & Ethan) the chance to document their group tour experiences. This video series is now available online at
“These videos show that once travelers experience a tour – one that’s the perfect fit for them, and believe me, the ‘perfect fit’ does exist –they will be forever changed, for the better,” said Born.

Colorado-based Group Voyagers, Inc. is the privately held company that markets and sells the Globus family of brands within the United States.  This includes Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways and includes tours, independent travel packages and river and small ship cruise options.