Green Globe Certification Requirements Updated

Green Globe International, Inc. has updated its requirements for businesses participating in Green Globe Certification to keep pace with the newest scientific data and developments in sustainability. The updates were implemented in certification for businesses including restaurants and hotels and resorts and in areas such as purchasing, emissions and energy. There are now a total of 248 certification requirements.

Registration for the Green Globe Index tool, which allows clients to calculate their CO2e footprint, the financial cost of that CO2e, and to track their performance of energy and water consumption and non-recyclable waste production, has been included in the requirements.

Businesses that have previously received Green Globe Certification will receive the latest updates with their next recertification. Standards for Green Globe Certification are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year and updated to maintain compliance with the most stringent international criteria.

"These new requirements maintain the high standards that the world has come to expect of Green Globe Certification, while continuing to meet the individual needs of our clients as they verify their sustainability credentials through our program," said Guido Bauer, CEO of Green Globe Certification. "Green Globe Certification will continue to update and improve its program to keep pace with the latest in sustainability research, while we deliver a user-friendly system which allows a broad cross section of businesses to participate."


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