Identity Travel Israel Releases 'This is Jesus' Tour

Old JaffaBeginning November 1, Identity Travel Israel will debut "This is Jesus," an eight-day biographical tour of Jesus in literature and life, including the influences, relationships, life and death of Christ. Starting and finishing in Tel Aviv, the guided tour will feature into information from recent archaeological finds and historical research and visit major Christian sites throughout Israel.

Leading the tour will be related a tour guide and keynote speakers, with academic and theological backgrounds, joining the group on certain sites. Topics will cover Birth of Religion, Holy Wars, Path to Statehood, Modern Conflict, Living Side by Side, Security and Our Identity in Modern Times. Visits will include a boat trip from Tiberius to Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter, Al Aqsa Mosque, Shrine of the Book, Holy Sepulchre and the Dead Sea.

"The birth of Christianity is interesting to devout Christians for sure, but also for every open-minded individual," says Eran Kolran, director and co-founder of Identity Travel.


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