Intrepid Debuts “Women’s Expedition” in Pakistan

Intrepid Travel has introduced new women’s trips and experiences for 2023, including its first ever “Women’s Expedition” in Pakistan.

Intrepid’s “Women’s Expeditions,” which first launched in 2018, are a collection of tours led by female leaders that aim to break down barriers for female travelers, debunk misconceptions about gender norms and celebrate the similarities and differences of women around the world. The Intrepid “Women’s Expeditions” range will comprise six trips in 2023, each designed to support employment opportunities for women while expanding the possibilities of female travel.

Highlighting the new “Women’s Expeditions” this year is the 12-day “Pakistan Women’s Expedition,” which will have its first-ever departure on September 17, 2023, from Lahore. Travelers will visit one of the country’s few female-only salons in the ancient town of Gulmit, which provides women with hijabs a safe and respectful place to get their haircut. They will join Pakistani tour leader Aneeqa Ali on a journey through the Hunza Valley, discovering the communities and landscapes of the Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains.

Intrepid Travel_Pakistan_Women's Expeditions
Chapursan Valley in Hunza District of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan (Intrepid Travel)

Ali, who has helped lead the development of this tour, has witnessed the global misrepresentation of Pakistan and the lack of female inclusion in her home country’s tourism efforts. She is the founder of The Mad Hatters, a female-led travel company focused on empowerment, engagement and connection. Intrepid has partnered with her to help provide more opportunities for female tour leaders in Pakistan.

Intrepid is also debuting a 13-day “Nepal Women’s Expedition,” which will run for the first time this year. Travelers will enjoy a five-day hike in the Annapurna mountain range. They will learn about the challenges of local Buddhist nuns in an all-female monastery contradicting custom patriarchal traditions and meet an NGO working to abolish the practice of Chhaupadi, the illegal but socially common tradition of banning women from homes, schools and temples during their menstrual cycle. They will also enjoy traditional dishes at a cooking class and experience a homestay in Madi Valley where local women are working to alleviate the impact of human activity on surrounding wildlife and nature.

Other highlights of the full range include:

  • The eight-day “Morocco Women’s Expedition” – Travelers will explore Marrakech before enjoying a home-cooked meal with Zineb, a local woman and chef. Travelers will also enjoy a traditional Moroccan feast in the homes of Amazigh families, see how an artist co-op is empowering female rug-weavers in small villages, take in the beauty of the M’goun Valley, and enjoy village ceremonies
  • The 12-day “India Women’s Expedition” – Groups will travel by public transport in the female-only carriage of the Delhi Metro and explore the colorful bazaars and architectural delights of Old Delhi. They will head out into the remote dunes of the Thar Desert to spend a night under the stars with traditional dance performances by the local women—while the men go off and cook dinner. They will also take a city tour onboard the pink rickshaws of Pink City Rickshaw Co, a non-profit that supports female livelihood in India
  • The eight-day “Jordan Women’s Expedition” – Travelers can develop a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern women, learning the art and significance of henna to Bedouin women, celebrating sisterhood at a female-run cooking school dedicated to tradition, visiting the Dead Sea’s female-only beach, and enjoying tea and chit chat with a female matchmaker to learn about the customs of marriage and relationships in Jordan
  • The 12-day “Iran Women’s Expedition” – Travelers will see the inside of a beauty salon, and enjoy a picnic in a female-only park, one of the few places where women can enjoy the sunshine without a hijab. Travelers will also immerse themselves in nomadic life, tasting traditional meals, learning songs, exploring the local dress and baking fresh breads. All Intrepid departures in Iran are scheduled to resume on August 19, 2023

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