Isramworld Acts Quickly to Bring Travelers Home

Considered one of America's largest luxury tour operator to Egypt, USTOA member Isramworld affirmed it is closely monitoring the situation in Egypt and reports that all of its clients who were in Egypt when the unrest began have been safely evacuated and are already home in the United States.

"Fortunately, we are not at the mercy of third- and fourth- party operators in Cairo and Upper Egypt," said A. Ady Gelber, Isramworld owner and CEO, in a statement. "We have our own Isramworld office and team in Cairo who are giving us minute-by-minute updates on how the situation is affecting tourism in general, and Isramworld clients in particular."

With dozens of travelers in Egypt when the unrest began, senior staff at Isramworld's Cairo and New York offices worked around the clock to ensure passengers were kept away from the turmoil in the streets and to get them home safely, Isramworld said.

"We are insisting that the airlines, hotels and cruise companies with whom we're allied make changes without imposing penalties," said Gelber, "And we, of course, have waived all change and cancellation fees on our part."

He noted that yesterday, the U.S. Department of State issued a travel warning recommending 'that U.S. citizens avoid travel to Egypt due to ongoing political and social unrest.

"Many hundreds of travelers are holding reservations for Egypt tours in the coming three months," Gelber said, "and no change or cancellation fees will be imposed on clients who amend their travel plans in light of the situation. Travelers who cancel Egypt trips are being offered the opportunity to switch to other Isramworld destinations, including Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Orient, South/Central America, Central Europe, Russia, India, Israel, Greece and Turkey.

"Egypt will continue to be a cornerstone of our company and we have no intention whatsoever of abandoning it. We are merely postponing tours until the situation clarifies and it is again both safe and pleasant for our passengers to travel throughout this magical country."

Isramworld was the first mainstream U.S. tour operator to enter the Egypt market after the Camp David Accords of 1979, the company said.



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