Luxury Gold to Spotlight Medellin

A visit to Medellin is a key component of Luxury Gold’s new Chairman’s Collection program to Colombia.
Medellin // Getty Images / Juliana Piedrahíta

Luxury Gold is offering a new three-day 2020 journey to Medellin, Colombia. 

The tour operator says that Medellin has become an increasingly safe destination. In fact, just three years ago, former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, enticing travelers to look into what Medellin has to offer as a vacation spot.

Here are four experiences available to guests traveling with Luxury Gold:

Antioquia Museum: Offered is an early, private viewing of Antioquia Museum, which holds Fernando Botero's art collection. Travelers will be guided by Alejandra Quintana, his granddaughter.

Coffee farms: Luxury Gold guests will tour the Andes mountains to see coffee farms, such as the Plantation of Café La Sierra—which is one of the longest-running in Colombia. Its coffee is mild—a flavor that is derived from different thermal floors and a traditional and selective collection of fruits.

Gastronomy: El Cielo, created by Juan Manuel Barrientos, offers Creole cuisine, distilled food, concentrates and vacuum-cooked dishes. Luxury Gold guests will visit this restaurant.

Communa 13: Communa 13 is full of history, street art, urban graffiti, dance and music. Its escalators are the first free public escalators in the country, which guests can explore on their Luxury Gold journey. Jon Grutzner, president of Luxury Gold, says that Communa 13 was once a mecca of crime, but it is safe now. 

“The place was notorious for Pablo Escobar turning it into the crime capital of the world. Our guests will discover more about the area’s gruesome history and how it has reinvented itself into one of Medellin’s coolest neighborhoods,” Grutzner told Travel Agent in our 2020 Eye on Tour Operators special report. Travelers will even meet with a Communa 13 survivor, and an expert guide, Chota, a young graffiti girl who was born and raised in the neighborhood.

With the launch of Luxury Gold’s 2020 worldwide collection, guests can receive a 10 percent Early Payment Discount if they book and pay in full before December 18, 2019.

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