Luxury Tour Operator Scott Dunn Launches New French Portfolio

Scott Dunn has introduced exclusive new destinations, hotels and experiential offerings throughout France, launching for 2024 travel. Highlights include a private viewing of Emile Hermès’ collection of novelty treasures and visits to the Dior Mansion and Gardens. The latest launch from Scott Dunn will introduce nine new key regions and 14 new itineraries and Scott Dunn Private services.

From the beaches of Nice and Cannes to the historical grandeur of Versailles and the vibrant culture of Lyon, each destination offers a unique blend of experiences. To complement these destinations, Scott Dunn has curated a portfolio of 27 new hotels and resorts. Noteworthy additions include Carlton Cannes, Maybourne Riviera, COMO Le Montrachet in Burgundy, and the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. Service enhancements include VIP airport and train station services, driver-guides, and helicopter transfers.

Travelers can step into Escoffier School at The Ritz Hotel in Paris for a hands-on cooking class led by master chefs. They can savor their creations in a private dining setting, complete with wine pairings. Alternatively, they can peek into the life and inspirations of Henri Matisse, one of France’s most celebrated artists. They can visit Matisse’s workshop in Nice, where a private cooking class is conducted amidst the backdrop of his artworks. For wine aficionados, a private, guided wine-tasting tour in the vineyards of Burgundy awaits.

The family-friendly and active experiences offered by Scott Dunn include a “Disney Dream Day” in Paris, where guests will get behind-the-scenes access to iconic rides and shows, complete with a personal guide to navigate the park and make the most of their day. The “Versailles Nighttime Spectacular” offers a fairytale experience the whole family can enjoy. Start with the Royal Serenade at the Hall of Mirrors and take a stroll in Château de Versailles’ gardens. As night envelops the estate, the gardens unveil installations such as laser shows, baroque choreographies, and a grand fireworks display.

For history enthusiasts, the “D-Day Experience” by Vintage Military Vehicle in Normandy is a transformative journey. They will be transported back to the key moments of World War II, guided by a historian who brings the past to life through storytelling and interactive exhibits. Nature buffs can otherwise try a guided hike through the landscapes of the French Riviera. The hike culminates in a gourmet picnic at a scenic overlook. They can continue the journey down south at a traditional livestock farm in the Camargue region, where a Provencal cowboy will introduce them to the local culture of cattle breeding, bullfights and white horse riding. He will guide them through his farm, showcasing his animals and explaining the traditions and operations integral to this unique way of life. They will witness the cowboy in action as he rounds up bulls for marking, and savor a meal organized in a secluded part of the farm for a more intimate experience.

Scott Dunn Private offerings are designed to offer access to exclusive venues. Guests can visit the Louvre Musuem after hours, accompanied by a guide, offering insights into the masterpieces that wouldn’t be accessible during regular visiting hours. Another offering includes a visit to the private studio of luxury brand Hermès in Paris. Guests will witness the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating each Hermès product, from the intricate stitching on their iconic Birkin bags to the final polish on their luxurious leather goods.

Earlier this year, Scott Dunn was acquired by Australian brand, Flight Centre Travel Group. Scott Dunn now has offices in London, Singapore, San Diego, and recently announced the August opening of its New York City office following the exponential growth that the U.S. market has seen in the post-pandemic travel boom. The tour operator anticipates rapid growth in its California and New York offices over the next three years, and this expansion of the France product expansion is a key vehicle for driving sales and overall brand awareness in 2024.

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