Montserrat Offers Underwater Views with Clear Bottom Kayaks

Visitors to Montserrat now have the opportunity to explore the destination’s underwater world without having to get into the water. Scuba Montserrat, one of the island’s dive shops, now features Hanauma Kayaks that are designed with clear nylon skin that allows paddlers to view reefs, marine life and surrounding scenery.

The two-person kayaks give visitors the chance to paddle the seas of Montserrat, observe the island’s deep-water reef communities and view everything from stony ledges and copper sweepers to green turtles and colorful reef fish. With enough storage room for beach items such as towels, sunscreen and a good book, kayakers can also make their way to Rendezvous Beach, the island’s only non-volcanic white sand beach that is accessible by boat or hike, or one of the soft pearl-grey volcanic sand beaches for sunbathing and relaxation. Kayaks are available for rent from one-to-five-hour increments starting at a rate of $15 through $65. Reservations are required and can be made by contacting Scuba Montserrat at 664-496-7807 or [email protected].