Nico Zenner Appointed President of Travel Bound

Nico Zenner has been appointed president of wholesale tour operator Travel Bound. The company also announced that bookings for the past three months have been 30 percent higher than the same period in 2008.

Zenner joined Travel Bound in 2005 as vice president of sales and marketing and was appointed General Manager in 2007. Previously he held executive positions at Rail Europe Group, the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Sabena Airlines.

“Business has picked up tremendously in the past three months,” said Zenner. “Not only have we seen 30 percent higher bookings every week compared to the same time last year, but many destinations are showing growth. We see Europe coming back, and strong growth in South America and the Middle East. It looks like peak season took off a few months late this year—but it’s definitely in full swing. Like many in the business, we started this year with a significant decline, so this represents a remarkable turnaround. If the trend continues, we will have put more guests in hotels this year than last.”

Zenner noted that while hotel room-night bookings are up, rates are approximately 10-15 percent lower than 2008. Bookings of transfers—most are private, not shared—are 11 percent higher than last year, and sightseeing bookings are also up. Travel Bound offers commission, starting at 10 percent, on every product booked.

Destinations that are up over last year: Brazil (up 27 percent), Greece (25 percent), Chile (25 percent), the UK (17 percent), Egypt (17 percent), Canada (12 percent), and the U.S. (10 percent). After years of selling Europe, Travel Bound increased its North American offerings this past year. Destinations that remain strong sellers (despite single-digit drops over last year) include Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Argentina and the Netherlands.

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