Onsite: Mountain Travel Sobek Announces 2008 Trips

NEW YORK-During a lunch event held here on Thursday, adventure travel company Mountain Travel Sobek detailed its 37 new trips in 2008, bringing the company's total line up to more than 150 itineraries, it's largest product offering yet. New itineraries include trips to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Brazil, Peru, Patagonia, Ethiopia and California's High Sierra, Mountain Travel Sobek's only offering in the U.S. Adventure comes in the form of sea kayaking in the Trobriand Islands and Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Greenland and the Philippine's Calamian Archipelago; multi-sport adventures in Croatia and New Zealand; adventure cruising in Greece's Dodecanese Islands; hiking trips to France Switzerland, Norway and Iceland; and, perhaps most adventurous, mountaineering trips on the volcanoes of Ecuador and Argentina's Aconcagua.

Mountain Travel Sobek in 2008 also will offer its fifth tour in the Galapagos; this will be the company's first land-based vacation. Trips are available for viewing online, with the exception of the Galapagos, which won't be available until October 1.

The tour company also is reinstituting its popular "Follow the Leader" itineraries, where select Mountain Travel Sobek guides take a few clients along on their favorite trip or on the trip they've always dreamed about leading. This year's offerings include "South African Trails," with Russell Crossey; "Bhutan: The Snowman Trek," with Cathy Ann Taylor; and "Indonesia's Mentawai Islands," with Joe Toback. Mountain Travel Sobek pays a 10 percent commission. Call 888-687-6235 or visit [www.mtsobek.com].

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