Presnell Sporting Collection Announces New Pricing Options

As the 2009 Luxury Travel Expo kicks off, suppliers, agents and a plethora of industry professionals are networking and announcing the latest news.

Among those in attendance is Presnell Sporting Collection, a membership similar to a private destination club. The company announced that it will be launching its new pricing and payment options to attendees of the Expo, which lasts from today through December 3 in Las Vegas.

The Presnell Sporting Collection is a membership program that offers access to a collection of global, luxury sporting and leisure travel venues. Some of their current offerings include big game hunting, upland game hunting, waterfowl hunting, fishing, etc. all over the world.

"[Luxury Travel Expo 2009] is the ideal place to expose our membership program's flexible payment options and plethora of membership offerings," says Sean Finley, vice president of member concierge services.

Attendees of the Expo can stop by Presnell Sporting Collection at Booth #255.