The Siena Hotel's Il Palio Restaurante Launches Green Rewards Program


Luxury boutique hotel and fine dining establishment, The Siena Hotel / Il Palio Restaurante, offers incentive to leave the car at home with their new Green Rewards program.   

Diners who walk, bike, bus or carpool with friends to Il Palio Ristorante in The Siena Hotel will receive 25 percent off their total food bill (excluding alcohol, tax and gratuity).  The Siena Hotel and Il Palio Restaurante are always striving for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and want to encourage guests and the community to do the same. 

In addition to the Green Rewards program, The Siena Hotel employs as standard practice many other strategies for conserving natural resources:
•    For 15 years guests have conserved water and reduced use of detergents by hanging towels that they can reuse and only changing bed linens on request.
•    Il Palio only pours water on request, a practice embraced by diners.
•    Leftover water from meetings and banquets is collected and used for irrigation.
•    Almost all meat, dairy, produce and vegetables are purchased from local farms- reducing the carbon footprint and at the same time supporting local farmers.  
•    A system that collects water for landscaping from the roof and heating/cooling system is currently under development by the hotel’s Engineering team.


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