Sofitel Los Angeles Extends Earth Day's "Lights Out"

Sofitel Los Angeles has announced plans to extend the Earth Day practice of turning the lights off for one hour to the rest of the year. This “lights out” ritual will be done as a continuation of the effort to raise awareness of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Each night at dusk, guests at Sofitel Los Angeles will have the opportunity to experience the “lights out” ritual as hotel staff illuminate candles in public areas for the duration of one hour. Guests are encouraged to do their part by turning off the lights in their rooms and enjoying the candle-lit lobby. Additional candles will be placed in the restaurant and bar; Simon LA and Stone Rose Lounge, as a reminder of Earth’s valuable resources.

Sofitel Los Angeles has been a long-time supporter of the “go-green” movement, introducing many practices into the hotel’s day-to-day operations.

Some of these include:
¨      Operating on wind-generated power provided by Community Energy Inc. As a result, Sofitel Los Angeles is recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner
¨      Reducing water and energy through the use of an ozone laundry system
¨      Providing complimentary valet parking for any Electric, Hydrogen or battery-powered vehicle for the duration of guest’s stay
¨      Making charging stations available for Hybrid or battery-powered vehicles
¨      Using local and organic ingredients in dishes prepared by Sofitel’s Simon LA restaurant
¨      Using the only green cleaning solution approved for spa use in Sofitel’s LeSpa

“We are very excited to continue the Earth Hour movement,” said Gunther Zweimuller, general manager of Sofitel Los Angeles. “Protecting the environment has always been a priority for Sofitel Los Angeles and we are excited to take the next step with this social awareness campaign.”


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