Top Seven Must-Haves for Today’s Travelers

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The all-new Tour Operator 2018 Focus Series course on Travel Agent University, from the editors of Travel Agent, reveals the top seven must-haves when planning a modern day vacation as well as the latest tour trends.

Here’s a preview of the seven vacation must-haves:

Seamless Travel

Consumers elect to travel with a tour operator because they want someone else to handle the headaches.

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Local guides who know the ins and outs of the best places to eat, shop or just watch the world go by are more important than ever.


Today’s traveler is curious and keen on meeting people who are similar to them in faraway places.


The farm-to-table experience is important wherever a tour experience takes a client. Whether it’s a city or a village, the traveler wants to know what the local ingredients are, how the local wines taste and where and how they’re produced.

Great Shopping

These days, those on detailed itineraries want access to items produced locally or created by unique artisans.

A Great Hotel

It’s important the hotel provides an authentic perspective. This could be conveyed in its décor, its dining or its location.

Bragging Rights

Whatever the experience or itinerary, the guest today wants to be able to return home and say, “We traveled with a high-quality company that gave us great service and amazing experiences.” 

Tips and Trends

Lesson two outlines the latest tour trends, including family travel hot spots, as well as provides tips on selling tours to Millennials and other experiential travels uncovered during Tour Operator Roundtable hosted by Travel Agent magazine.

Access the Tour Operator course along with webinars from Crystal Cruises, Palladium Hotel Group and MSC Cruises on Travel Agent University.

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